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Different Kinds Of Cat Collars

Different Kinds Of Cat Collars

While some cat owners buy collars for their favorite pets, many others are of the opinion that collars are for all canines. There exist a wide variety of cat collars, so depending on your cats’ body and his needs, you can find a collar that is most suitable. You can even take your cat along to the pet store so he can get the most suitable collar after trying on a number of different collars. The most important aspect of a collar is the fit. Other features to consider can include style, color and material of the collar.

On a cats’ collar are usually found a bell and the cats’ information. If your cat loves the outdoors, a collar is of utmost importance so that he can easily be found and returned if he strays too far from home. The bell is attached to the collar to serve as a warning of the predators’ presence to other small animals and birds. Cats are more viscous hunters than dogs and often drag their kill home, messing up the house. The bell helps reduce this habit as hunting becomes more difficult.

The easiest type of collar for your cat is the buckle collar, due to the ease of wearing it or taking it off. Ensure your cat does not wiggle out of the collar when you fit it on him. A tight collar on a cat is a very bad idea as it may cause pain and discomfort for the cat, and so is a loose collar. If your cat is still use, consider buying an adjustable collar so your cat grows with it. This way, you won’t have to buy collars as he grows up, saving your money.

Elastic collars are another great idea for cats. These are the types that can slide over the cats head and save the cat from having to bear the weight of the buckle and belt. You should check the fitting on your cat to ensure the collar is not too tight and not too loose if you choose to the elastic collar.

If your cat is an indoor cat, it may easily get caught on something in the house. It is thus advisable to choose a collar made of a material that can easily be cut so you can quickly free your cat. Collars with breakaway buckles or panels that immediately free the cat when it is caught on something are also a great choice.

For outdoor cats, think of using a collar whose material is reflective. This is particularly helpful at night and helps keeps the cat safe. At night, since animals cannot be seen, and can be severely injured or killed, the reflective collar comes in handy. Indoor cats can also use reflective collars so you see them even in the dark and do not step on them.

Cats love walking outside, but this is dangerous as the cat may get seriously injured or even killed on one of his adventures. To avert this, it is preferable owners take their cats for a stroll outside, and to do this, you may need a leash to ensure your pet does not stray and get lost. To prevent spine issues when walking your cat, a harness is a better option than a collar leash. The H-style and figure eight are the two main types of harnesses currently in the market. These are great harnesses for any cat walking in the park; just ensure it fits right.

Choose a collar color that suits your cat’s personality best. There are limitless options for cat collars, from pretty, pink princess to rogue, black leather and studs rock star. Have fun with your kitty!

Updated: June 1, 2018 — 11:36 pm

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