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Why to Buy High Quality Kibbles

I’ll admit, when I adopted my first cat, I fed him Purina Cat Chow. That’s what he was fed by the Animal Humane Society, thanks to a partnership with Purina. Purina gives them food to feed their animals, and in return, they recommend Purina food for adopted animals. This is an important partnership for both […]

High-fiber Cat Foods

Fiber is an important nutrient for human beings, while the benefits of fiber-rich foods for cats are also quite evident. Many times, you must have noticed that fiber is the main and highly-rated ingredient in all kinds of pet food for both dogs as well as cats. Fiber is a nutrient that is made up […]

High Protein Cat Food

What food is best for my cat? This is an oft asked question among the cat owners who have to deal with finicky cats who just refuse to touch the dry cat food that is given to them and instead eye the frozen meats that are stored in the refrigerator. Well, as much as the […]

Raw Food Diet for Cats

Raw Food Diet for Cats Diet plays a very vital role in maintaining the overall health of both humans and animals, cats inclusive. Feeding cats with proper food can help solve several behavior problems. Cats that feed on raw food diets are healthier than their counterparts who feed on highly processed foods. This is because […]

Healthiest Cat Food

Healthiest Cat Food considering the fact the inappropriate nutrition is very harmful to a cat, it is very important to go for the best when it comes to your cat’s food. This will further help reduce the numerous health problems attached to inappropriate nutrition like kidney and liver problems. Given the variety of commercial cat […]

Homemade Cat Food Recipes

Homemade Cat Food Recipes As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. – Ellen Perry Berkeley When it comes to being pampered, cats love to receive it as much as possible. Many cat owners would love to pamper their cats to the fullest level .Cats being showed love especially when it comes to food […]

Diabetic Cat Food

Diabetic Cat Food One of the most common diseases in cat is Diabetes mellitus. Symptoms of this disease could be sudden weight loss in your cat, excessive urination and thirst. The cause of diabetes in cats is as a result of deficiency in insulin which is responsible for the breakdown glucose in the body. Deficiency […]

Low Residue Cat Food

Low Residue Cat Food You have to take a little extra care of your cat’s diet if it is experiencing constipation problems. It is normal for cat to suffer constipation but it may become severe if its diet is neglected. Low-residue foods have high soluble fiber content, it is important to determine the cat’s diet […]

Healthy Kidney Diet for Cats

Healthy Kidney Diet for Cats Cats especially the Persian breed is prone to kidney disease also known as renal failure. Though it is common to see kidney disease mostly in older cats, it is not limited just to them. Kidney disease may develop at any age in a cat’s life. This disease can eventually advance […]

Hypoallergenic Cat Food

Hypoallergenic Cat Food Cats too just like humans have certain food they are actually allergic to. Food has a very great role to play in both the health and wellbeing of cats. Cat foods generally contain protein from meat, chicken, beef, eggs and fish. It is worthy to note that many commercial foods contain artificial […]

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