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Diabetic Cat Food

Diabetic Cat Food

One of the most common diseases in cat is Diabetes mellitus. Symptoms of this disease could be sudden weight loss in your cat, excessive urination and thirst. The cause of diabetes in cats is as a result of deficiency in insulin which is responsible for the breakdown glucose in the body. Deficiency in insulin results to high level of sugar in the body, which leads to excessive urination and thirst. With such a condition you cat may be feeding well but will find it very difficult to put on weight.

Taking care of a cat suffering from diabetes could be a daunting task with regards to the regular insulin injections, hypoglycemic medications and change in the cat’s diet. Notwithstanding, alternating your cat’s diet to consist of necessary diabetic food can greatly help to manage diabetes. Before selecting foods for diabetic cats it is recommended to always have these cat foods list at the back of your mind.

Best Diabetic Food For Your Cat

Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Diet: Basically, the rule for diabetic cat diet is low carbohydrate and high protein. Remember a diabetic cat needs more of glucose. Cats like other carnivorous animals easily fast and protein compared   to carbohydrates available in cereals. Cats contrary to other mammals obtain glucose from proteins and fat not carbohydrate. So to ensure that a diabetic cat derives glucose from its diet, it is best to feed it with less of carbohydrate and more of protein. It is also worthy to note that dry food should be restricted from diabetic cats because it has high concentration of carbohydrates and rice, soy and other plant proteins are not good for diabetic cat because they are not easily digested

Meat Products: It is strongly advice to include much meat in your diabetic cat food list. Meat and meat products are very essential for a diabetic cat’s meal. Food that contain meat ingredients such as; chicken, turkey, beef or even meat by-products are good. Diabetic food for your cat is also very easy to make at home. All you need to do is to chop up all roasts, steaks or any other kind of beef into fine sizes to ease chewing for your cats. Frozen food for cat is very rich in proteins and less in carbohydrate it is good as well. But much care should be taken for bacteria in the food. Well, the easiest and best way to prevent food bacterial or food poisoning is to cook the meat, Such meat could be combined with salt, water, eggs, salmon oil, vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, and taurine powder to ensure enough protein

Stick To Canned Foods: Canned food made up of those animal parts that humans do not consume such as udder and spleen can be used in a diabetic cat’s diet especially when homemade foods is an added huge stress to do. Canned foods are preferable to dry food which has no beneficial ingredients. Therefore stick to wet canned food for it does not only contain sufficient protein for the cat, it also has water which is very paramount to the absorption of nutrient.

Avoid Fiber: Contrary to popular opinion, cats do not need fiber in their food. Humans and even dogs have longer gastrointestinal tract as compared to cats so, too much fiber bulk puts pressure on the GI tract of cats and this could eventually to disorder in the digestion of cats.

Do well to totally avoid onions, garlic, raisins, chocolate, grapes, tuna, raw fish, egg shells, mushrooms, avocados, persimmons, alcohol, pork, liver, or dog foods. However, if your cat is suffering from a contributing medical problem such as obesity, kidney problems, or pancreatitis, then you have to change the diet in accordance it

Cats suffering from kidney problems are advised to be given a restricted amount of protein in their food. Obesity is also one of the results of diabetes and needs to be controlled by restricting the carbohydrate intake in the food of the cat. Although a commercial cat food might say that it is meant for diabetic cats, kindly read the ingredient list to be sure that you do not pick up foods that have high carbohydrate levels ignorantly.

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