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How To Select Cat Toys

How To Select Cat Toys

The following paragraphs will examine new ideas and thoughts that may help you attain your goal and decide what is best when it concerns choosing toys for your cats.

Toys for girl cats and boys:

Cats love to play especially when the mouse is away. Just like dogs, cats also love toys.

Toys give cats a partner to help reduce boredom and also help gives them opportunity to practice and use natural inclination to chase and hunt for prey.

The question now is what toys are best for cats? Below are tips and some helpful advice on how to get perfect cat toys

Play safe:

Houses must be cat-friendly as much as possible, take away any string, yarn, needles, rubber bands or other objects that could easily be swallowed by cats in order to create a safe environment. Ensure not to let them play with these articles no matter how cute they may appear to be to the cats.

Play soft:

Endeavor to choose soft toys that can easily be machine-washed. It is appropriate that the toys chosen to be played with by cats are also the toys marked as safe to be played with by children below three years old. Also, avoid giving cats toys that are hard and rigid, these types do not appeal to them that much.

Know your cat, know their toy:

Creating acquaintance with your cat is also very helpful in choosing toys for it. During this period, the cat owner will get to know the things that cat feel comfortable with and also the environment the cat loves to spend time the most



Choose active toys:

Generally, toys that are great to play with for cats are usually the round plastic ones which include rings from shower curtains, plastic balls, golf balls, balls used in Ping-Pong. These give cats the opportunity to chase and paw around. They could also carry these in their mouths, furthermore, make sure though that these are big enough in size that in such a way that they cannot be swallowed but not so large that they cannot carry them in their mouths freely.

Choose active play:

For an active play, balls can be placed inside bath tubs filled with water and watch as cats frolic and play on and around the toy. This is very enjoyable to the cat and fun for the cat owner as well. Furthermore, other added features that could be placed on balls are bells. In such a moment, one does not only see how cats play, one can also listen and take pleasure in the playful sound generated by the cat.

Another simple and very effective plaything for cats is a paper bag. Go for paper bags that do not have handles. These bags are good for pouncing around. Cats hide in them too. As much as possible, avoid the plastic ones as cats can chew these and they may eat the plastic. This is not advisable.

Toys with tails:

Cats enjoy playing with soft toy animals –especially the ones that have tails. They can either bite them paw them or chase these little stuffed toys around. It is best if these toys are as big or as small as the cats playing with them.


Toys with catnip:

Catnip is sometimes used as stuffing for toys that are soft. Putting catnip in such playthings make the toys more enjoyable to carry, kick and throw around. Importantly, it is safe for cats to chew on, roll around in, or eat.

It is not bad for cat owners to place catnip on carpeted floors, or on towels so as to make clean up easy. There are now catnip oils that can be placed on carpets, and they usually stay there. Cats detect these too. Although small cats, specifically kittens who are younger than six months have shown a certain kind of immunity to catnip.

Summarily, it is preferable that cat owners define what kind of toy should be played by their cats. It is advisable that different kinds of toys be given on certain days, and that displaying all toys simultaneously may not be a good idea. However if cats show a certain liking to a specific toy, let them play with it, or sleep with it – whichever they like.

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