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Tips For Training Your Cat

Tips for Training Your Cat

You can train a dog easily but not a cat. Training to train a cat as you do with dogs may only cause behavioral issues, instead, teach your cat how not to perform bad habits. In most cases, it is the owner who gets to adjust more to accommodate the cat.

Rules should be made in the house on how and what to handle with the cat, and these rules should be followed to the latter.

Speak to cat in a calm and friendly tone and if your cat trusts you, it will probably do what you want.

Keep calm and don’t worry if things go wrong, you can always start all over again because cats can always tell if you are anxious.

Attempt training to your cat only when it seem they are happy and don’t force training on them.

Don’t let the cat misunderstand you by moving too fast with the training.

An annoying kitten will not learn anything from your training. Try to spend at most 30minutes and repeat a few times not to get it angry and confuse.

Be consistent if you are forbidden something. Stick to the sane command and don’t try to change your mind.

Don’t ever shout or hurt the cat if it is been naughty or doing something wrong, this will make them associate you with unfriendly and unpleasantness. Instead to shout or hurt them , put dry beans in a tin and shake it to annoy the cat or use a plant sprayer and squirt water on him/her.

Whenever your cat obeys you, treat him/her, praise them and even give them extra pettings.

Do not ignore the cat because you are mad at them, they will not understand this behavior, thereby making them insecure.

When your cat starts attacking the furniture, say “NO” and take it to the scratching post and put its paws on it. Scratch the post with your own nails and the noise will make it curious. If the cat refuse to scratch the post, it maybe because it those not like the fabric. In this case, try to put old dresses that smell like you.

Provide your cat with a covered basket, a soft filling such as a blanket or towel in it sleeping place, to make it secure and comfortable.

Keep your cat away from dinner tables and don’t let it beg, because once this habit is cultivated, it is very hard to stop.

Don’t offer them cat food from your dinning.

Don’t treat them outside feeding time because they want it but because you think they merit it.

When eaten dinner don’t carry them on your laps.

Make them timely eaten habits.

Occupy them with food when you are eaten.

Updated: June 1, 2018 — 12:30 am

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