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Peculiar Cat Behavior Problems and Measures to Deal With Them

Peculiar Cat Behavior Problems and Measures to Deal with Them.

Craftiness is one of the main reputations of cats and the fact that they can be inscrutable at the same time maybe the reason why in the past they were worshiped by some ancient cultures. If owners of these cute-looking felines can manage to figure out ways to coexist with them, then they can be the best domestic pets to stay with.

These are some the behavioral problems in cats and how to manage them.

There are much responsibility that comes with having a pet as they are like kids, show them love and they love you back but also note that too much love spoils a child likewise pets too. Pet owners should make it paramount on their schedule to consider the temperament of the pet, their likes and dislikes. With cats, we need to be extremely attentive as they seem to have mysterious behaviors and character, for this cat owners need to spend enough time the cat to be familiar with their behaviors. Understanding the cat’s behavior does not happen overnight.

Felines Behavioral Issues

As a cat therapist rightly quoted, “A cat’s behavior is a direct reflection of his feelings”. More like every other being living on this planet, cats also have behavioral issues. Some behaviors are seen as natural while some others are attributed to external factors such as negligence from its owner. Below is an outline of some of the behavioral problems occurring in cats?

Seeking Attention

Cats are fun of seeking attention from it owner and feel frustrated when they don’t get less attention or when neglected. In other to get attention, they throw tantrums by loud meowing and crying. Behavior like loud howling throughout the night begging for food or treats, scratching, pawing and biting are behaviors the owner needs to be conscious about so they can differentiate between throwing a tantrum and been in trouble. Consult a vet if necessary for accurate detection of any physical or psychological issues in your cat in relation to their behaviors.


Cats fall under carnivorous mammals hence aggression and survival on food hunting is their basic instinct. Aggression is natural in cats and different cats have different degree of aggression as it cannot be completely removed from their nature. The types of aggression are: aggression towards owner, aggression towards other people or other animals. It has proving that, training cats when they are kitten proves to be very helpful in controlling their aggressions. Also, cats don’t like sudden surprises it can get them aggressive.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Studies have showed that cats also suffer different forms of OCD just like human but the female cats are more prone to it. Cats’ behavior can undergo different types of changes with the various OCDs as key factors. These behaviors may include, excessive or over-grooming, wool sucking and chewing wildly and this situations it is wise for the owner to consult with a vet as fast as possible. Feline may sometimes suffer from hyperesthesia which may be the cause for these behaviors, leading to OCD.

Littering Around

It has been tested and proving that older animals, even humans, are comparatively slower learners, which is why litter-training in cats should not be under-minded at the early stage of their lives. If you devote the right time and patience, it takes very little time to train you cat at their kitten stage.

Fear and Anxieties

Fear and anxiety is common with all animals and especially domestic pets and so cats are not exempted. In cats, fear may persist to phobias to particular people, object or situations like noise/sounds. Hidings, trembling, freezing in one place or reduction in their normal activities are all common behaviors for cats when they are over-anxious or scared. In some cases, a bit of affection may do the trick but for varying phobias, consult with a vet.

Precautionary Measures

Cat owners should take some various precautions to ensure their cats stay free form some behavioral issues or problems.

Use a non-violent manner of discipline and train them on what is right or wrong can be good in cats behaviors.

Give them treats and pat them whenever they do something right or a good behavior, this will encourage them to keep behaving in a good manner.

On the other hand, owner may deny it a treat or make a gesture by head or hand to make the cat understand it has done something unacceptable and with their relative intelligent nature, they pick up very fast.

Cats can be very irritable and at times very aggressive under physical punishment, so, owners should avoid physical punishment as much as possible.

It is possible cats are the most possessive creatures on planet earth, so therefor, not to trigger undesirable behaviors with other pets in the house; owner should avoid pampering the other pets in the presence of the cat.

Cats are foodies by nature and can steal foods. These unwanted behaviors should surely not be repeated by prevented food in air-tight containers out of their reach.

Common Patterns of Cats Behavior and what They Mean

If they dump their food alongside their toys, it only means they are keeping the toy safe.

If they knead their paws while been petted, it means they are reciprocating the love shown.

If the dump and try to bury their food, it is likely they don’t like the food served to them. Sometimes they too get bored with eating the same food over and over. Just like human they need a change of menu.

If they attack the ankles, this is a hunting practice and to minimize this practice, owner should get more toys to get the cat something to play with at all times.

The most active period of the day for cats is the night time. They hunt and play at night and this can be reduced by getting another companion to ensure they play and sleep together at night.

Behavioral issues can be overcome by pampering the cat on a daily basis as this will make them less boring and less irritating but if aggression persists then consult a vet immediately.

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