Category: Cat Basics

Cat Repellents For Gardens

Cat Repellents for Gardens How frustrating it could seem to be to keep cats away from your garden. Fortunately it is not a mission impossible there various methods to help protect your cats from your garden. However, here are not only workable but safe and effective methods. This will keep your cats safe and away […]

Why Cats Make Such Good Pets

Why cats make such good pets Cats are a very good option for pets compare to other like dogs. They don’t require as much attention and you don’t need to take them on a walk or even hear them bark at visitors or even passer-by. Kittens are very interesting to interact with and are playful […]

Grooming Your Cat

Grooming Your Cat Cats are suckers for cleanliness and as a cat owner this is one of your responsibilities to your cat. You can start grooming your cat by brushing its fur. This will remove loose hair, reducing the occurrence of hairballs in your cat when it grooms itself. These hair balls are sometimes difficult […]

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