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5 Best Home Remedies to Treat Cat Constipation

Home remedy to treat cat constipation

5 Best Home Remedies to Treat Cat Constipation

Home remedy to treat cat constipation

Did You Know?

One of the many functions of olive oil which is a natural laxative is that it greatly helps to treat cat constipation. To apply this, all the owner needs to do is to mix his/her cat’s kibble with a tablespoon of olive oil

One of the symptoms of cat constipation can be observed when a cat finds difficulty in stooling. During this moment, your cat’s stool is hard and consequently makes the cat to stress a lot to pass out stool during bowel movement. However before seeking prescription treatment for your cat constipation, below are some home remedies which can really help to treat constipation;

High-fiber Diet

One of the most important things when it comes to the control and prevention of cat constipation is the diet. When a cat lacks fiber in its diet, it will face a lot of difficulty in stooling. This is so because fiber attracts water in the gastrointestinal track. When there is water in the gastrointestinal track, it makes the stool softer and bulkier. When your cat’s stool is softer and bulkier, it makes it easy during bowel movement. So, in order to ensure smooth bowel movement in your cat, endeavor to include enough fiber in your cat’s diet

For an increase of fiber in your cat’s diet, always include pumpkin in your cat’s diet.  Canned pumpkin is recommended because it is puree which will make it very easy to mix in your cat’s diet.

Other sources of fiber in a cat diet can be obtained from powdered psyllium and ground flaxseed, wheat or oat.


Another cause of your cat constipation could come from the fact that it lacks enough water in its dies. It is recommended that cat drink enough water daily. To further improve on the moisture content in a cat diet, wet canned food is necessary.


It is good to feed your cat with 1/8TH cup of milk two times a day. This will greatly enhance the smooth functioning of the bowel movement of the cat

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is also good to feed cat with to treat constipation. Though delicate, it can be good if administered with the right dose. The right daily dose of petroleum jelly in a cat’s dies to teat cat constipation varies from 1/3rd to ½ a teaspoon. Oral consumption of petroleum is safe contrary to what many think especially when administered according to the right daily dose. But it is strongly advised not to use petroleum jelly very frequent or over long period of time continuously for it can interfere with nutrient absorption in the cat.


Yes similar to humans, cats too need exercise. Keeping your cat active goes a long way to prevent and control it from constipating. Cats which do not exercise or get active are open to series health problems, constipation inclusive

If after trying all of these home remedies to treat cat constipation, we strong recommend you get to a vegetarian for more treatment. The vegetarian may be in a better place to prescribe a probiotic supplements that has been observed to be the best for the treatment of cat constipation

Worthy of note is that when it comes to cat constipation, it is essential to find out the underlying cause. Considering the fact, many times, cats may eat bones of their prey or mistakenly consume substances such as sand and hair which may harden in the gastrointestinal tract and cause difficulty in bowel movements. Thus, when these home remedies fail to provide any positive change to your cat’s constipation, it is an indication of a serious underlying cause that requires urgent medical attention.

Updated: May 21, 2018 — 1:08 am

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